Utility location services

The Benefits Of Using Utility Location ServicesUtility Location Services

Excavation work is probably the most dangerous type of activity any of our clients are involved with, the consequences of striking a service can be catastrophic.
Radio-techs utility location service is designed to mitigate or eliminate where possible the risk of impact with underground utilities and services prior to excavation works, this service is essential for the safety of personnel and the protection of underground assets.

Radiotech is accredited to perform these service investigations on a wide variety of sites including:

▪Rail Infrastructure
▪Melbourne Ports

Radiotech utilises the most up to date technology and techniques to locate underground Utilities and services, our combined technologies locate a large range of buried lines including:

▪ Telecommunications
▪ Gas Lines
▪ Water lines
▪ Electrical Cables
▪ Fuel Pipes
▪ Drainage

Utility Location Equipment:

For conductive pipes and cables we utilise Radio-location equipment, this is the most effective and efficient method of service and utility location for all types of conductive metal lines, the equipment basically consists of a generator (genny) that can induce a specific frequency into the target pipe or cable, the signal is then detected by a receiver (wand).  For non metal lines such as earthenware or PVC drainage pipes we can use Ground Penetrating Radar. All of our equipment is state of the art and calibrated.

Cable Faults:Utility location fault detection

Underground cable faults can be very difficult and expensive to find using conventional excavation methods, under the right conditions Radiotech can pinpoint the position and depth of an underground fault, saving time and money for our clients. There are some requirements for a successful location: the fault must be a “to earth” fault down to 3 mega ohms or less, a single line is preferred (no junction boxes) and the line must be completely disconnected at both ends. The service is then located using conventional Radio-location equipment and marked out on the ground, then we scan the marked line again using a specialised instrument to pinpoint the underground cable fault.


Located service can be marked out on the ground using a colour coded system for
instant utility recognition, if a quality signal is acquired we can also provide a depth estimate for each line, this is the most common technique because of it’s speed and simplicity.
For some types of survey we provide the client with a google map or similar and superimpose our findings, usually with offsets and other details of the service and utility investigation.
The located services can also be plotted using very accurate GPS equipment, the data is then processed and presented to the client in a suitable format.
Basically, services can also be mapped using a variety of techniques to suit the clients individual requirements.

Complimentary Services:

  • Radar Concrete Scanning, a GPR investigation for ground slabs to provide construction detail and steel  reinforcement layout for avoidance purposes. Other structures can also be investigated to provide a combined Utility and Structural investigation
  • Ground Radar ( or Geo-Radar ) for underground location of non metallic services, arbitrary objects and possible obstructions such as large rocks or underground storage tanks, GeoRadar can also provide important stratigraphic information such as depth to bedrock. Ground penetrating Radar imaging can radically enhance site GIS data
  • Ferrous metal detection for location of hidden pit covers and other ferrous metal objects such as buried oil drums and metal debris.
  • Schmidt Hammer equipment for in situ testing of concrete MPA.

Service Location


Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.

Dial Before You Dig creates a unique partnership with Australia’s underground asset owners.
We act as a single point of contact for you to receive information about underground networks at your excavation site so you don’t have to contact the utility organisations individually. You tell us your dig location and we pass on this referral to the affected asset owners. They then send the information directly to you.

The Dial Before You Dig service is also designed to protect Australia’s excavators. Whether you are a back yard renovator, an individual tradesman or a commercial excavator the potential for injury, personal liability and even death exists every day. Obtaining accurate information about your work site significantly minimises these risks.

Lodge your free enquiry today by going online at www.1100.com.au, downloading our iPhone app or ringing our national or ringing our national call centre on 1100.