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Road survey solutions

Road survey cart with multiple antennas for accurate road surveys

Road Survey Overview

Utilising the latest Radar and GPR technology Radiotech Geo-structural  surveys can provide accurate multi channel pavement and road surveys over any distance, the detailed data shows asphalt, concrete and sub base thickness. Details of voids objects and other anomaly, even Utilites and services can be incorporated into the final report.

Our Radar equipment can be deployed by vehicle for highway and airport investigations, or by trolley mount for small section work, our multi antenna system can collect data on different interface depths simultaneously, this allows for fast and efficient reconnaissance and road survey results delivery, ground penetrating radar is the key tool for road structure evaluation, pavement management and maintenance.

System Description:

  • (2.3GHz) and (800MHz) frequency antenna array for combined pavement and road foundation studies
  • Flexible options include combined service and utility location (Radiolocation)
  • Integrated GPS with sub-inch relocation accuracy


  • Asphalt thickness
  • Sub grade and base depth
  • Void detection and erosion detection
  • Bridge integrity checks


  • The raw data is processed in house and converted into a format that best meets the requirements of the client, the sample below shows both the asphalt and the sub base thickness for a target section of road.
  • Formal road surveyreport provided, with visual outline of scope and equipment utilised, fully interpreted profile charts with chain or GPS coordinates
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