Radiotech’s Ground Penetrating Radar Services Provided To Melbourne

Ground Radar Melbourne

Radiotech is one of the leading providers of ground penetrating radar services in Melbourne specialising in underground survey. Radiotech provides REAL 3D GPR SURVEYING using MALA Imaging Radar Arrays (MIRA).

Our GPR uses non destructive testing and can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting and research.

We also provide radar concrete scanning, utility surveys, electromagnetic surveys, underground cable fault location and pavement surveys. All of these can be combined to give a full report.

Radiotech carries an extensive accreditation, training and experience across many industries.

Accreditations & Training Include

Telstra Plant Locator
Maritime Security (MSIC)
Petroleum Industry (WPCG)
TAS Ports Port Facility Card
LPS Loss Prevention System (STD)
BP Australia Accredited Contractor
OH&S Construction Industry Red Card
EWP Elevated Work Platform Licence
Train Track Awareness
Working With Children
First Aid Level 2
Full OH&S Safety & Environment Manual

Complimentary Services

Radar Concrete Scanning, a GPR investigation for ground slabs to provide construction detail and steel reinforcement layout for avoidance purposes. Other structures can also be investigated to provide a combined Utility and Structural investigation

GeoRadar ( or Ground Radar ) for underground location of non metallic services, arbitrary objects and possible obstructions such as large rocks or underground storage tanks, GeoRadar can also provide important stratigraphic information such as depth to bedrock. Ground Penetrating Radar imaging can radically enhance site GIS data

Ferrous metal detection for location of hidden pit covers and other ferrous metal objects such as buried oil drums and metal debris.

Conductivity Survey
for bulk soil conductivity measurements for fast reconnaissance on large sites, great for targeting drilling programs, can also detect metal objects.

Schmidt Hammer equipment for in situ testing of concrete MPA.

Underground Utility Location
for safe excavation around services and utilities, prevents costly damage and down time. Findings can be mapped using highly accurate GPS and can be incorporated with other surveys.