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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Investigation

Underground & Structural Investigation Specialists

Radio-Tech Geo-Structural Surveys is one of the leading and most experienced Australian companies to offer Ground Penetrating Radar & Utility Location services. Radio-tech offers a variety of professional investigation methods based around non-destructive testing techniques for both underground & structural investigation.

Services offered are Ground Penetrating Radar, Radar Concrete ScanningUtility Surveys, Underground Cable fault location and Pavement Surveys. All of these surveys can be combined to provide a very comprehensive site investigation and report.

Typical Structural targets for ground penetrating radar include embedded power cable location, rebar pattern identification, location and depth of post tension cables, void/cavity location, metallic and non-metallic pipes, structural ribbing position, full surveys for quality assurance purposes or load bearing data, including slab thickness and other structural dimensions.

Typical Underground targets for Ground Radar, or Geo-Radar include: Underground storage tanks, non metallic Utilities and services, covert burials , tunnels and voids. Other targets may include geophysical information such as bedrock depth, groundwater levels, and other stratigraphic information.

Radio-Tech offers professional and effective investigations with a number of options for deliverables to suit individual clients needs, we have always endeavored to develop excellent working relationships with our clients and to provide them with the most practical efficient and cost effective solutions to their investigation projects. Data can be provided in many forms including map overlays with very accurate GPS coordinates.

The staff at Radio-Tech carry extensive accreditation and training across a number of industries which allows access to a wide variety of sites, i.e. Petroleum, Rail, Ports.

Non destructive testing incorporates many different techniques and technologies, and even more applications that most people are not aware of, we are pleased to provide advice to our clients on the capabilities and the possible options of all types of non destructive testing that could be applied to your particular projects. If you would like to know more or arrange a presentation of capabilities to yourself and your staff please call us to arrange a time that suits and we will visit your workplace.

Accreditations & Training Include

  • Telstra Plant Locator
  • Maritime Security (MSIC)
  • Petroleum Industry (WPCG)
  • TAS Ports Port Facility Card
  • LPS Loss Prevention System (STD)
  • BP Australia Accredited Contractor
  • OH&S Construction Industry Red Card
  • EWP Elevated Work Platform Licence
  • Train Track Awareness
  • Working With Children
  • First Aid Level 2
  • Full OH&S Safety & Environment Manual
  • Dial before you dig with Ground Penetrating Radar


    Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.

    Dial Before You Dig creates a unique partnership with Australia’s underground asset owners.
    We act as a single point of contact for you to receive information about underground networks at your excavation site so you don’t have to contact the utility organisations individually. You tell us your dig location and we pass on this referral to the affected asset owners. They then send the information directly to you.

    The Dial Before You Dig service is also designed to protect Australia’s excavators. Whether you are a back yard renovator, an individual tradesman or a commercial excavator the potential for injury, personal liability and even death exists every day. Obtaining accurate information about your work site significantly minimises these risks.

    Lodge your free enquiry today by going online at, downloading our iPhone app or ringing our national or ringing our national call centre on 1100.

    Complimentary Services

  • Radar Concrete Scanning, a GPR investigation for ground slabs to provide construction detail and steel reinforcement layout for avoidance purposes. Other structures can also be investigated to provide a combined Utility and Structural investigation
  • GeoRadar ( or Ground Radar ) for underground location of non metallic services, arbitrary objects and possible obstructions such as large rocks or underground storage tanks, GeoRadar can also provide important stratigraphic information such as depth to bedrock. Ground Penetrating Radar imaging can radically enhance site GIS data
  • Ferrous metal detection for location of hidden pit covers and other ferrous metal objects such as buried oil drums and metal debris.
  • Schmidt Hammer equipment for in situ testing of concrete MPA.
  • Underground Utility Location for safe excavation around services and utilities, prevents costly damage and down time. Findings can be mapped using highly accurate GPS and can be incorporated with other surveys.